History of Baur’s Restaurant

The story of Baur’s is one of innovation, invention, heritage and change…

Baur’s 1930The O. P. Baur Confectionary Company was founded in 1870 by German-born immigrant Otto Paul Baur. The Baur family originally settled in Pennsylvania, where Otto learned the confectionary business. In 1867 Otto found himself in Denver, where he went to work for the City Bakery, Denver’s first. He soon dreamed of owning his own business. After a number of failed attempts, in 1870 Otto opened a business in partnership with James Colwell. A bakery, confectionary and Denver’s first caterer, Colwell & Baur prospered. A few years later, Otto P. Baur became its sole owner.

By the 1890s Baur’s candies were known nationally and internationally. The company still did catering jobs too; it was a city favorite for both social and civic events. Baur’s even claims to have invented the ice cream soda—although most credit Philadelphia with popularizing the confection.

In 1891, Baur’s moved to 1512 Curtis, the spot most Coloradans fondly remember as the place for a fine treat after a day of shopping downtown. In 1918, fourteen years after Otto’s death, Baur’s expanded into the restaurant business. By 1924, Baur’s had fifteen departments and 250 employees. Still family owned, Baur’s offered fine sweets and meals—carrying on the tradition of valuing its customers, its employees and the community. The company delivered sweets to orphanages, hospitals and care homes at the holidays and served ice cream and cake in August to hundreds of children in need.

Baur’s CandyBaur’s thrived even through the Great Depression, reinventing itself and modernizing. It offered health care to its employees (a rare perk at the time), advertised on the radio and concocted new candies and marketing schemes. By the late 1940s Baur’s had four locations.

Good times were followed by challenging times, and the family sold the company in 1951 when expenses caught up with income. Baur’s stayed in business in Denver until 1970, when it closed its doors for good. Today, many recall Baur’s fondly and its legacy as a place “famous for good things to eat.”

Baur’s History was provided by Leigh Jeremias, Curator of Manuscripts and Special Collections and Alisa Zahller, Curator, Art & Design and Senior Curator for Artifacts at History Colorado. All images courtesy of History Colorado. To learn more about Baur’s, explore the History Colorado collection at h-co.org/collections or contact the History Colorado Research Center at cosearch@state.co.us.

Kind Words From Our Guests

December 2015

“I just want to start by saying thank you to both you and your entire staff for a job well done last night . Everyone at the Alzheimer’s Board dinner really enjoyed themselves and left with smiles on their face.” – Megan (private event)

November 2015

“It was such a pleasure to be at Baur’s yesterday. Our sincere thanks to both of you and your team for hosting us and helping the event run so smoothly. I look forward to working with Baur’s in the near future. If you ever need anything William Grant related, please feel free to reach out.” – Kate, William Grant (private event)

October 2015

“I wanted to thank you again for the dinner you organized for my group on Tuesday night at Baur’s. Everyone was really impressed with the food, the restaurant and the band. I’ve never seen so many people from this group get up and dance and have a really genuine good time. It was fantastic! Thanks for making this possible. I will definitely be calling Baur’s again when we are in Denver for another meeting.” – Allison, ExxonMobil (private event)

September 2015

“I just wanted to quickly Thank You! for a lovely evening last Thursday night – our group had a wonderful experience, a delicious meal and everyone enjoyed the ambience of Baur’s – in a word it was perfect! I really appreciate all that you did to make my job easier through the process, and to make our group feel so welcomed, including the charming menu’s and excellent menu selections. Chadwick and Jeffrey, and all the wait staff throughout the evening, were top-notch too! It was a very fun evening!! Thank you, thank you!” – Rachel, RMG Financial

“The food was magical, the staff superb and the surroundings authentic, inviting and intimate. The presentation was a knock out.” – Yelp Guest

August 2015

“Went here before a show at the DCPA and was thoroughly impressed! It wasn’t too busy and definitely convenient for pre-show fare. We got to sit outside on a beautiful night and it wasn’t too busy at 5:30pm. The cocktails were absolutely delicious and simply elegant. The food followed suite. Prices were approachable and fair for the great quality and menu options. Its clear that they are still getting up and running. But I have a feeling this place is going to blossom once people and visitors find out about it! Go, its worth it!!” – Open Table Guest

“This is my new favorite brunch spot in Denver! My friend and I decided to check this place out after visiting their booth at the Cherry Creek farmer’s market. Baur’s exceeded all my expectations from the character of the building, their menu offerings and the ambiance! Bonus points for using seasonal and local ingredients!! I loved the old world charm of the dining room which fits well with the history of he building.” – Yelp Guest

July 2015

“I want to express my deep appreciation for the fantastic meal you and Rob put together for us last week. I’ve been bragging about you guys on a daily basis since. I can’t get that cauliflower soup + sherry pairing out of my head.” – Joe (private event)

“From the time we entered Baur’s restaurant we had such excellent service. All the staff were attentive to the slightest detail. They even created my drink based on my desire of the moment!. There were eight of us and between appetizers, entrees and deserts not a single item was wrong and all cooked to perfection. Complements to all for the wonderful evening.” – Trip Advisor Guest
June 2015
“The inaugural wine event last night was great! Thanks for putting together such a fantastic selection of wines and good people, and for taking great care of us. I really liked having a comfortable place to sit, relax, and chat with some good people while enjoying the event. I appreciated having the wine brought to each table rather than everyone lining up to get each pour (like is done in some other events). The educational/informational aspect of the event was very nice. Previous events that I’ve attended have been seriously lacking in that department. Keeping it simple and accessible to people of all experience levels makes sense, too. It really was the most enjoyable wine tasting I’ve been to in quite some time. I’m really excited for future events!” – Paul

May 2015

“Tried Baur’s on a Friday night. It has a theater rush, but at 8 it was great. The chef is extremely creative and not only was the presentation wonderful, the food was that like I used to get at the upscale restaurants in NYC. Wine list was extensive with a ton of selections by the glass. The handmade mini ice cream cones were the cherry on top of a great meal, service and experience. Definitely heading back.” – Yelp Review

Choosing The Wrong Restaurant Can Be Dangerous!

The food served by the restaurant is so practical and tempting. However you should be more observant in choosing a restaurant. Because, not all restaurants pay attention to cleanliness in the food served and cleanliness in the location of the restaurant.

For some people who are busy and do not have time to cook at home, the restaurant can answer all the needs and satisfy the appetite.

Make Sure Restaurants Meet Hygiene Rules

Before deciding to dine in a restaurant, it is worth paying attention to the cleanliness of the restaurants visited. The government through legislation issued by the Ministry of Health has actually set rules on the cleanliness of restaurant sanitation that should not be ignored. The regulation aims to protect consumers from things that might harm health.

The regulation contains sanitation facilities that must be owned by restaurants, such as clean water facilities, toilets and bathrooms, hand sanitizers, garbage cans, as well as hygiene and prevention equipment for insects and other animals. There are also sanitary hygiene requirements as a technical provision for the cleanliness of restaurants in the regulation.

Tips for Choosing a Clean Restaurant

One of the things you can notice when you go to the restaurant is the habit of washing your hands. Every restaurant should set good and correct hand washing rules, especially if after the bathroom. If this is ignored, it is likely that the food consumed by consumers is contaminated with bacteria or viruses.

In addition, other things that can be considered when choosing a restaurant such as:

  • Make sure that the restaurant you are visiting has a business license from the Government and has a certificate of sanitary hygiene of restaurants and restaurants issued by the Department of Health
  • Pay attention to the sanitation of the visited restaurants such as paying attention to the cleanliness of the existing bathroom. If the bathroom is dirty and smells bad, the level of cleanliness of the restaurant means it is not well maintained.
  • In addition to the bathroom, also pay attention to the place to wash the restaurant’s hands. If it is not clean, the restaurant means that it does not maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant properly.
  • Because, the place of hand washing can also be a place where bacteria and viruses spread from one consumer to another
  • If you notice any rats, cockroaches, flies or other insects, it is best to reconsider eating food in the restaurant.
  • If the conditions in the dining area, around the cashier, or around the restaurant are dirty, it could be that the conditions in the kitchen are worse and dirtier. So, reconsider buying food at the restaurant.
  • Note that the rag used to wipe the dining table is a clean cloth.
  • Cleanliness of tables, floors and cutlery should also be observed. If the tables, floors and cutlery are not clean, it may be worth moving to a restaurant that is more clean.

Not only the cleanliness of the restaurant that must be considered, you should also apply cleanliness to yourself by getting used to washing your hands before eating. Also pay attention to how to wash your hands properly to avoid bacteria and germs that may cause various diseases such as typhus hygiene, and diarrhea.

Private Dining

AQUA TERRA Culinary and Baur’s Restaurant and Listening Lounge want to host your next event!

Whether it be a casual weekend brunch, a classic cocktail reception, a formal sit down dinner, or business meeting, our elegant and historic building offers a diverse selection of private and public settings that are perfect for any occasion.

The Baur’s Salon: A private dining room that comfortably accommodates anywhere from 10 to 70 seated guests, or a standing reception for up to 100. Vaulted ceilings and vintage chandeliers offer an elegant and relaxed ambiance. The room is equipped with AV and audio equipment as well as a projector screen. It has multiple entrances and exits, making it an ideal location for private events. It can be set with comfortable lounge furniture, as a busines forum, formal dinner or with high top tables meant for mingling.

The Listening Lounge: A semi-private area of the restaurant with a built-in bar and stage. The stage itself is raised, complete with vintage curtains, performance lighting, and enough room to house our beautiful Steinway piano. This area can be partitioned off with heavy, sound-buffering curtains and can comfortably accommodate 50 seated or 70 standing guests. It is the perfect setting for a happy hour group, wine tasting or limited live performance. It can be set with comfortable lounge furniture, as a busines forum, formal dinner or with high top tables meant for mingling.

The Restaurant: The entire space is available for private events and can easily accommodate up to 200 seated, or 300 standing guests. The multiple areas listed above break up the space nicely for wandering events with a cocktail hour, seated dinner and staged speeches or trainings. All furniture is removable, making the space truly transformative. The central focus of the space, aside from the stage is a culinary station wih the ability to seat up to eight guests. It is a perfect setting for interactive cooking classes and culinary demonstrations. Its backdrop includes a 10 foot projection screen, where we regularly showcase vintage films and food-centric programming.

We pride ourselves on offering each and every guest a customized culinary experience, and our Executive Chef, Patrick McCready is happy to prepare personalized menus for any occasion. He then works directly with our Bar Manager, Brittany Wangsness and Wine Director, Jessica Claire Roat to create ideal beverage pairings at any price point.

To learn more about our private dining services or offsite catering abilities, please contact our Events Coordinator, Raina Overman at 303.623.0033 or by email at Raina@baursrestaurant.com

Here are some Kind Words from our Guests

The Advantages of Home Cooking Compared to Restaurant Cuisine from the Health Side

You may have been curious, whether it is true that home cooking is healthier restaurant cuisine. To answer the confusion, you should understand the advantages of home cooking compared to restaurant cuisine from the health side.

The cuisine you consume greatly affects the health of your body. Healthy cuisine must meet the body’s nutritional needs, be processed with healthy ingredients, and cooked in a healthy way. This type of cuisine will certainly be easier to get by cooking at home.

Advantages of Home Cooking from Restaurant Cuisine

In general, home cooking is relatively easier to control both in terms of cleanliness to costs incurred. Here are some advantages of home cooking over restaurant food:

  • Determining the seasoning used
    The use of seasonings in cooking can affect your health. By cooking at home, you can manage the type of food and seasonings used. For example, you have high blood pressure, then you can reduce salt. Or foods and drinks low in sugar for those of you with diabetes.
  • Manage nutrients as needed
    If you want to implement a healthy lifestyle, you can more easily manage the nutrients according to your body’s needs by cooking yourself at home. Restaurant cuisine, especially fast food restaurants, usually contains a lot of fat, oil, sugar, salt, and other ingredients.
  • Ensuring its cleanliness
    Although it looks luxurious and attractive, you can’t always ensure the cleanliness of the food in the restaurant. Both from the cleanliness of the kitchen, the tools used, to its presentation. While at home, you can ensure the cleanliness of the cuisine. For example, foodstuffs such as vegetables or fruits are washed to avoid contamination of Ecoli bacteria found in foodstuffs.
  • Choosing how to cook
    You can also monitor the cooking processing at home, to get healthier dishes. Such as choosing a healthier use of oils, or reducing the use of oils by steaming or grilling food.
  • Arrange portions as needed
    Many restaurants offer cuisine with large portions to attract buyers. In fact, that portion far exceeds the needs of the buyer. By cooking at home, you can arrange portions of food as needed, so that it can maintain an ideal weight.

When compared to home cooking, the advantages of restaurant cuisine are more practical, fast, many choices, and have a variety of flavors. However, the lack of restaurant cuisine is that you do not know how the process and how to cook it, the nutrients contained in it, the ingredients used, and the cleanliness of the cuisine. This will certainly be very annoying for those of you who want to implement a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing Healthy Restaurant Food

Although home cooking is relatively healthier, it does not mean that there are no healthy dishes in the restaurant. To get a healthy menu, come to the restaurant that serves healthy cuisine. In addition, there are several things to be aware of when choosing a restaurant, including:

  • Cleanliness of tables, floors and cutlery
  • If the tables, floors and cutlery are not clean, it may be a good idea to move to a restaurant that is more clean.
  • Have a business license from the government
  • Make sure the restaurant you are visiting has a business license from the Government and a sanitation certificate from the local Health Office.
  • Has a handwashing place
  • The existence of a clean handwashing place indicates that the restaurant prioritizes cleanliness.
  • Have a good sanitation system
  • If the bathroom looks dirty and the sanitary ducts are clogged, most likely the restaurant does not really pay attention to its cleanliness.
  • No insects or other animals
  • If you notice any rats, cockroaches, flies or other insects, it is best to reconsider eating food in the restaurant.

Whether eating home cooking or restaurant cuisine, try to always meet nutritional needs as needed, such as consuming vegetables, fruits, sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats with a balanced composition. Last but not least, make sure you eat the portions as needed to stay healthy.

The Baur’s Way

We consistently provide a customized culinary experience. We achieve this by:

Focusing on the food.
Taking a seasonal, creative approach to our food.
Creating a client specific menu for every event and venue.
Providing peace of mind through competent, reliable service.
Engaging and educating our local community.

Jessica Claire Roat

Jessica Claire Roat

Jessica believes that everything tastes better with a story, and that through the lens of vines, juice and booze, everything is little more beautiful.

She hails from Golden, CO where she spent her youth participating in marching band, theatre, and choir (Nerd!). Forever an academic, she attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley where she received a dual undergraduate degree in Theatre: Acting and Technical Design/Production Management.

In 2006, Jessica chased her acting dream straight to New York City, where she quickly found herself behind the bar serving up craft cocktails to Manhattan’s midtown elite. It has been said that you could eat three meals a day for one hundred years in New York City and never eat at the same restaurant twice. And so it is no wonder that the redefinition of Jessica’s career occurred almost instantaneously upon her arrival in the culinary playground that is Manhattan.

From Starbucks barista, to waitress, to bartender, to manager, she worked for a series of award-winning chefs including Bobby Flay, Dan Barber, and George Mendez. Internships with Edible Manhattan and GrowNYC resulted in her decision to attend Boston University and complete a Master’s Degree in Gastronomy (Food Studies). Originally designed by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, the Gastronomy program blessed Jessica with the interdisciplinary opportunity to complete graduate level coursework in Food History, Anthropology, and Politics, while simultaneously earning both a Culinary Certificate as well as a Level 4 Wine Certificate.

While studying under Masters of Wine, Bill Nesto and Sandy Block, Jessica focused on the language of wine, the physiology of taste and the magical way that everthing tastes better with a story. She worked her way through graduate school slinging drinks with Max Toste at Deep Ellum and managing the James Beard winner, Hungry Mother.

She believes that wine is for everyone, and is thrilled to be back in Denver, excited to share her passion with the talented and hospitable Baur’s family. She understands that today’s wine connoisseur no longer wears a three-piece suit, or lives in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue, and her goal is to make wine as accessible to the people of Denver as possible. She loves to chat about all things food and wine related and can’t wait to help you taste your new favorite thing!

Contact Jessica anytime: jessica@baursrestaurant.com

Brittany Wangsness

Brittany Wangsness

A Colorado native, Britt grew up in Golden and has spent most of her life in Colorado. While attending Golden High School, Britt got her first taste of the industry at Golden Pizza. The small, mom and pop environment created an opportunity for her to wear many hats – everyone worked all the stations and Britt fell in love with the intimate, teamwork driven environment. While supporting herself through college, Britt eventually made the jump to a larger scale, corporate environment, joining the California Pizza Kitchen Restaurant team at Cherry Creek Mall. It was there that she learned the foundation of strong, solid, and consistent service standards. Starting as a server in 2005, she quickly moved up the ranks into a bartender roll and assisted with the training of all new hires. She continued to work for California Pizza Kitchen for 7 years, while traveling and going to school.

Taking a year away from CPK, she moved to Steamboat to snowboard for a season. While enjoying one of the best seasons of her life, Britt bartended at La Montana, which was her first step out of a corporate restaurant and into a fine dining environment. During her time in Steamboat, she met an amazing group of people that were, as she coins, “Season Chasers.” At the end of the season, she decided to go on an adventure and moved to Montana to work at Many Glacier Hotel, in the center of Glacier National Park. That year of chasing the seasons opened up Britt’s eyes to the endless opportunities that the service industry offers. Every night was a new opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to have a presence in the special occasions and celebrations of guests, and to learn everyday about different cuisines and cultures.

Upon returning to Colorado, Britt continued to grow in the fast-growing hospitality scene, and accepted a bartending position at Z Cuisine & Acote – a double concept, Parisian wine & absinthe bar and French Bistro, located in the Lohi neighborhood of Denver. It was through this experience of working so closely with professional chefs and local purveyors that she realized that her time spent was more than just a job – it was a passion-driven way of life that she wanted to immerse herself in completely. In 2013, Britt joined the team at Green Russell, a Frank Bonnano concept located in the heart of Larimer Square. Having a solid bartending foundation, this was her opportunity to fully learn and step into the craft cocktail scene. Building on her educational experience at one of the best craft cocktail driven bars in Denver, Britt chose to move on to TAG Restaurant Group, yearning to be back in a Chef driven environment. After a year, Britt stepped into the Bar Manager roll and joined the Colorado Bartender’s Guild.

In August of 2014, Britt was one of the top 10 Colorado finalists for Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender competition and has continued to push herself, winning the 2015 Last Slinger Standing competition at Arizona Cocktail Week. She is so honored to be a part of this amazing team and can’t wait to provide an experience for both the guest, and her team, that is based in solid education, fun, and excitement.

Contact Brittany anytime: brittany@baursrestaurant.com